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Sarvadnya Ayurved a speciality clinic established in 2009. It was formed with the aim of maximum benefit to the patients with chronic illnesses with the help of our ancient science i.e. AYURVEDA.

We are treating our patients successfully since last 10 years. Thousands of satisfied patients are our strength, who have enhanced the confidence and belief in our very own science.

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Rahul Shrirang Narkhede is graduated through M.U.H.S. Nashik and has completed post graduation in Panchkarma from Pune.

With the aim of giving sure and fast results with pure Ayurveda, he has mastered superspeciality skills in field like Marmachiktsa, local procedures like Agnikarma, Viddhakarma, etc.

He has also developed some techniques of Lepa application which are highly effective in painful conditions.

In Panchkarma, Jalaukavacharan is his powerful weapon; in his own words. His methods of NADI PARIKSHAN (pulse examination) and UDAR PARIKSHAN (abdomen examination) use to play lead role in overall treatment.

His Yogasana sessions have benefitted to patients for physical and mental wellbeing.

Ayurveda for Quick Results

It is general belief that this science has slow and long term treatments and the patient has to follow many diet restrictions to get cured. But it is not the complete truth.

Ayurveda has many forms of treatments like Panchkarma, Oral decoctions, Tablets, Churnas, Yogasan, Local applications etc. Out of this, we have chosen some superspeciality branches which can provide quick benefits and instant pain relief Agnikarma, Viddhakarma, Lepa, Marmachikitsa.

These are sure methods of pain relieving in many joints and spine disorders.


Joints and spine

Sarvadnya Ayurved is recognised mainly as Joints & Spine Pain Clinic.

We are treating hundreds of patients per month with symptoms like neck pain, shoulder pain, backache, knee pain, headache, heel pain etc.

We have prepared some unique combinations of treatments region wise in patients. For example- In cervical spondylitis 2-3 settings of Jalaukavacharan + Lepa+ Pichu etc are giving faster results than regular painkillers. Of course the nadi parikshanam and udar parikshanam have main role in deciding complete line of treatment. But sometimes without medication pain is cured. Like Agnikarma is only treatment used in treating foot corns many times. Conditions usually occurring due to Vata dosha are called Vaatvyadhi are increasingly found in society nowadays. Spondylitis, Arthritis, Gout, Slip disc, Sciatica are seen commonly. These are mainly related with lifestyle, food, body postures, stress, weight etc. We not only help to cure these conditions but also try to help in their day to day life with food and lifestyle to avoid recurrence.


Every disease is related with Agni. Ayurveda states if the Agni is healthy, a person is healthy. We are following the exact method to treat disorders like Hyperacidity, IBS, Colitis, Constipation, Flatulence, and symptoms like Pain in abdomen, gases, burning in stomach and chest, heaviness, burps, nausea, vomiting etc.

In Sarvadnya Ayurved Clinic we diagnose the factors affecting Agni. Udar parikshnam helps to recognise the imbalance in liver, spleen or kidneys. So when the medication is used after such diagnosis it acts on root causes and not as symptomatic relief.


We are treating many cases of skin allergies, fungal infections, acne (pimples), skin boils, scabies, eczema, urticaria also conditions like psoriasis, hair fall, dandruff etc.

In Ayurveda skin conditions are caused due to impurities of blood, plasma and (doshas vata, pitta, kapha). Systematic approach of body cleansing gets complete cure to such skin conditions. As the obstacle gets cleared the skin condition is cured automatically. This is like helping the body to heal itself naturally.



This is a unique and most basic treatment used since thousands of years to cure or heal faster, to relieve pains in fastest way. According to Ayurveda 107 marma points are stated. These are the most vital points in human body. So the chikitsa ( treatment) includes stimulation of these point in a scientific way, as per the disease. This helps to stimulate the related organ to the Marmabindu.


Heating an Agnikarma shalaka ( instrument used for the procedure) and stimulating the affected or painful parts is called Agnikarma. We have cured many cases of corns and heel pain with this method instantly. Also it is used in muscular stiffness, spasm and acute pain. Old wounds which are difficult to heal are also helped with this method. While doing this differnet types of shalakas are used like – Gold, Copper, Silver, Iron, Panchdhatu ( 5 metals), Mruttika (Soil), Haridra ( turmeric), Bhallatak ( marking nut) etc. We at Sarvadnya Ayurved are using these for different painful conditions daily.

Jalaukavacharana (Leech therapy)

Panchkarma is specified and speciality branch in Ayurveda. As the name suggests this includes 5 procedures mainly as—Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya and Raktamokshana. Out of this Raktamokshana is related with blood affected conditions and has 2 parts as – Sarvadehik and Sthanik. So the Jalaukavacharana is Sthanik i.e. localised procedure of bloodletting with the help of leeches. Since more than 10 years we have found the condition more effective and has got results as good as surgery in some critical cases. Many cases advised surgery with Neckpain, Frozen shoulder, Lumbar pain have got complete cure with Jalaukavacharana.


Use of needles to relieve accumulated impurities is done in this method. The Viddhakarma resembles acupuncture but is different in many ways. This is done in more easy way than acupuncture as the points selected are very less. So it is direct and specific. It is done along with Agnikarma many times. This combination is very effective in acute conditions like muscular spasm.


Application of medicines over body parts externally; according to painful condition is Lepam. Thousands of Lepa are described in Ayurveda and are used widely in our clinic too. We have studied application of these Lepam in powder forms, wet forms, with oils or ghee, in cold water or hot water etc. Even Lepam for hair problems like greying and hair fall has helped to significantly reduce the symptoms. Some Lepa are kept for 5-7 days to let the medicines work on the affected part like in lumbar spondylitis.

Our Patient's Opinions

Take a look at what our patient says

Vishal Patil

मी विशाल पाटील , वय ३९ वर्षे. कमरेच्या त्रासाने एक वर्षांपासून त्रस्त होतो. अनेक ऍलोपॅथी डॉक्टरांना दाखविल्यानंतर सुद्धा पूर्णपणे आराम मिळाला नाही. तेवढ्यापुरते औषधांचा परिणाम जाणवत असे. नंतर मित्राच्या सांगण्यानुसार डॉ. राहुल नारखेडे सर , यांच्याकडे आयुर्वेदिक औशोधपचार सुरु केले.

एका आठवड्यात फरक जाणवण्यास लागला. ३ महिन्यानंतर मात्र मी पूर्णपणे बारा झालो. आज मला कुठल्याही वेदना नाहीत. डॉ. राहुल सरांचे उपचारासाठी धन्यवाद.

Vishal Patil, Alandi, Pune

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